fit wifestyle

I’ve been active my whole life, whether it was playing a sport, or going to the gym. I even remember doing the Cindy Crawford workouts at home in my room when I was a teenager (makes me giggle to think about it!) The thought of exercise has never been enjoyable as far as I can remember. Always a chore, never looked forward it. This past year my whole thought of exercise, working out, has changed.

With two kids whom I’m thankful to be able to be a stay-at-home parent for made it nearly impossible to workout outside of the home. I discovered Beachbody, and fell in love with their at-home workout programs.  So I decided to become a Beachbody coach; I loved the programs I had tried, and absolutely loved my Shakeology, I also loved motivating and encouraging others to workout as well! I have since stepped down as a coach since they would not allow me to work for another beauty-focused MLM, Beautycounter. So even though I’m no longer “coaching,” I still use all my Beachbody programs (in the middle of Hammer & Chisel now, and loving everything about this program) and drink my Shakeology every day (I’ll be hard pressed to try something else with all the goodness of this shake!)

My goal is to motivate others to get up and get going! I can honestly say I am now a morning person. This was never in my vocabulary. My discovery of getting up early to workout has been a defining moment for me. I absolutely love working out at this time (call me crazy), and if it doesn’t happen at 545am, it’s not going to happen. So changing my lifetime, on and off habit of sleeping in (kids, of course, changed this), was a huge milestone, and I definitely wish I would have made the change years ago. I would love to change others opinions too, and get all of you on track to a healthier lifestyle! xo