Happy Valentine’s Day! Beautycounter

Took Beautycounter three years to get the Lip Sheer formula just right, didn’t want to rush it! Lipstick can be the most ugly, dirtiest of all makeup, containing an overload of toxic ingredients, 7 pounds of which we swallow on average in our lifetime, that’s insane! Beautycounter tests, and retests all of their products AFTER production to assure they are free of heavy metals. So...

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Sea Salt Spray Beautycounter

ETA: I LOVE using the Style Sea Salt Spray on damp hair rather than after blow-drying. My hot-rolled waves lasted even longer! Now, I just need the beach! The Style Sea Salt Spray helped my hot-rolled waves stick around longer, I even woke up with pretty decent hair, this never happens! I’d love to see other hair types try this, my hair is stick straight,...

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Lustro Face Oil #3…bye-bye, pimple! Beautycounter

Lustro Face Oil #3, the perfect spot treatment for pimples! I don’t get them often, but when I do, they’re on my my chin, cystic, and painful, like a bruise when touched. Well, let me tell you, one popped up last night, red and painful as usual. One drop of this little gem directly on the pimple before bed, woke up this morning, and it’s gone, nada...

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