Sea Salt Spray Beautycounter

ETA: I LOVE using the Style Sea Salt Spray on damp hair rather than after blow-drying. My hot-rolled waves lasted even longer! Now, I just need the beach! The Style Sea Salt Spray helped my hot-rolled waves stick around longer, I even woke up with pretty decent hair, this never happens! I’d love to see other hair types try this, my hair is stick straight,...

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The best hummus & pita chip recipe…ever. Recipes

I stumbled across this amazing garlic parmesan hummus recipe one day on Pinterest from @sallysbakeblog … this is the absolute, best hummus I have ever had. It’s worth peeling the shell off of every garbanzo bean, I get so many requests for the recipe when I make it. Her homemade pita chips are fantastic too, so easy, and SO much better than store bought pita...

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Lustro Face Oil #3…bye-bye, pimple! Beautycounter

Lustro Face Oil #3, the perfect spot treatment for pimples! I don’t get them often, but when I do, they’re on my my chin, cystic, and painful, like a bruise when touched. Well, let me tell you, one popped up last night, red and painful as usual. One drop of this little gem directly on the pimple before bed, woke up this morning, and it’s gone, nada...

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Frozen organic cherries are back! Recipes

Oh, where have you been? My absolute favorite addition to my vegan chocolate shakes are frozen organic cherries. Little do you know, they’re not the easiest to find. And I eat them everyday, so I like to buy them in bulk, and barely be able to fit them in my freezer. Much to my happy surprise, Costco brought these bad boys back. One happy mama, right...

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Homemade Pesto Recipes

There are some things I prefer to make at home, and pesto is one of them. It’s just so simple to make, why not? I use it for my chicken, and love it with my zoodles! Homemade Pesto I eyeball it, mostly… Couple handfuls of basil 1/2 cup pine nuts 1/2 cup grated parm cheese 4 cloves garlic pink Himalayan salt & pepper 1/2 cup of...

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EveryDay Goodness Superfoods & Supplements

Why did it take me so long to try Shakeology!? I drink it every morning, I can’t live without it. My husband and I were making our own “protein” shakes for about 2 years, thinking we were saving money. Our shake was a good one, but it didn’t touch Shakeology, by way of cost, taste, and especially, nutrition. After we actually gave Shakeology a try,...

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