Take The Job

?Ready to build a business while making a social impact at the same time, bettering the lives of your family, friends, and so many others around you?

?With only about 15,000 consultants in the US and Canada, and 325 million people in the US, Beautycounter has just begun to scratch the surface of educating, and sharing our mission. We are a grassroots movement, and I’m beyond proud to be a part of this company, so very grateful someone asked me to #takethejob. I took the job because I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and how could I pass up these gorgeous, safe products, products not just for me, but for my entire family, especially my babies!

?Join me in sharing our mission, to get safer, beautiful products into the hands of everyone. Safer skincare and makeup, that actually perform. Ready to make a change in your life, while helping others do the same? Whether you want to make $500 a month or $5000, DM me! #ImHiring #JoinMe #BestDecisionEver

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