Join My Beautycounter Team! Beautycounter

Beautycounter…ever heard the name?!
:: Beautycounter is the first department store quality skincare & makeup brand to put its foot down, and refuse to use any ingredient linked to health harm! Think Whole Foods meets Chanel!?? We watch what we eat?, and do our best to be healthy ????, why not pay more attention to what we’re putting ON our skin!
:: Deodorant, a men’s line including a shave cream, our beauty brand collaboration with @target … SO many exciting things are about to go down at @beautycounter ?
:: NOW is the time to join me, to help spread our mission, “to get safe, beautiful products into the hands of everyone.” We believe our mission is better told friend to friend, face to face, we’re not just another cosmetic brand thrown up on a shelf!

:: I’m looking for 3 people to join my team. Ready to make $500-$5000 a month in extra cash?! Whether you only have two hours a week, or 10+, you’re in control of your business! I’m having so much fun, helping others make healthy choices, and getting these luxe products into more hands…once you know better, you do better.

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