Beautycounter for Target Beautycounter

??Received a few messages over the weekend with questions about our beauty brand collaboration with @TargetStyle ?

?YES, this IS real, and IS happening (September 12!)
?YES, you will be able to buy a limited edition collection of our high-performing, safe, chic Beautycounter products in-store and on, while supplies last (not for long!)
? YES, I am beyond stoked about this!!!
? YES, 60 MILLION people ? will be introduced to Beautycounter for the first time, then they will have to find a consultant to stock up on their newly founded faves which will be sold out at Target…?? here I am! •
❤️These new lovers of @beautycounter could be looking for you too! If you’ve been curious about what I’ve been up to, and possibly looking for a part-time side gig, talk to me! THE TIME IS NOW to join Beautycounter!!! The market we’re in is moving towards safe beauty. We’re getting smarter about what we’re putting in and on our bodies, and this is most definitely an amazing ground-floor opportunity!

Make money for your family while making a significant social impact, all on your own time, how great is this?! So proud of the work we’re doing everyday…I love representing companies who DO better, and this is Beautycounter. ❤️

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