World’s Most Perfect Food – Sweet Potatoes Recipes

Growing up in North Carolina, most are surprised I would not touch a sweet potato up until a couple weeks ago (thanks to two friends who inspired me to try them ?).

They are SO good for you! I knew if I made them savory rather than sugared up, I could like them. Well, now I’m in love!

One sweet potato, cubed, browned in a pan with avocado oil (or Kerry Gold butter, for maximum vitamin absorption) then steamed (top with lid) to soften them up, add Italian seasoning, Himalayan pink salt, BAM, deliciousness.

Sweet Potatoes, world’s most perfect food, here’s why:
* Beta-Carotene, a fabulous antioxidant we all want
* Vitamin A, one sweet potato has 4x the rec daily intake of Vit A, better vision, bone development, immune function
* Vitamin C, fights infections, helps absorb iron
* Maganese, for optimal thyroid function
* Fiber, we all gotta have healthy ?
* Complex Carbohydrates = Energy
* Only 100 calories in a medium sweet potato
(stats from

Go get some!!

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